Beyby Wearing

Beyby Wearing

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This class is designed to be fun, to get you moving and to make new friends. Song requests are always welcome. Anything goes, from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Parents and carers of 12 week old* + (once baby is strong enough to hold their head up) who have been cleared to exercise post childbirth, this class is a wonderful chance for you to bond with your baby while enjoying the experience of reconnecting with your body through exercise. You can baby wear using a structured carrier using the TICKS guidelines for safe baby wearing. Please be mindful that soft structured carriers and Baby Bjorns are not suitable for this class. Pregnant mamas feel free to join this class. Not only will you get to meet the mamas and carers who will become your sources of support, friendship and knowledge once your bubs are born, but the class is gentle enough to not be too taxing for a pregnant body also. The gentle exercise will make you feel stronger and happy through the endorphin release, once you're feeling energetic enough of course!

Bring: Water... and your baby!

Wear: Your Baby and anything you feel comfortable in from active wear to a leotard and dress ups. 

More info: Check out our Facebook page's list of events or our Bey Family group for updates and requests