Stacey Hynes

Bey Captain - Melbourne

This bubbly Booty Shakin’ brunette is no stranger to the bright lights! Having danced since the day I could walk; I have experience in a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical and Burlesque.

Following my passion for dance; I moved from Perth to Melbourne in 2013 and have achieved some wonderful things in this Ah-Mazing city. The biggest achievement is definitely fulfilling my dream of becoming a dance teacher – BIG Bootylicious thanks to Bey Dance!

I am a huge fan of Queen B and I am so happy to be part a dance community that encourages you to be yourself, have fun, get fit and bring out your inner diva, all whilst learning Beyoncé’s HOT routines!

Dancing brings me so much joy and I am always up for a booty pop! - Every day. All day. Anywhere. Anytime!