Every year, we work hard to provide performance opportunities for students. 

We have just finished our showcase and you can find pictures here

We have plenty of performance opportunities around so join our regular classes classes to learn routines. Join the Adelaide Showcase and regular student group on Facebook here.


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Bootylicious: Bey Dance 2017 Showcase
@ Union House Theatre
Shows- 28th October 4pm and 7:30pm
Dress Rehearsal- Thursday 26th October 6-10pm and Saturday 28th October 12-2pm @ Union House 
Full School Rehearsal- Sunday 22nd October 4:30-9:30pm @ Studio B

See this live document for costume and running order info. 

The requirements for being involved are...
-We don't mind if you haven't had much dance experience, we want people performing because they love it!
-You need to have learned the dance you are performing in a Bey Dance Course
-You need to be able to enrol in and attend the individual rehearsal, Full School Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsals. 
-You need to be willing to purchase the appropriate costume (some will be covered by Bey Dance) 
-You can do a maximum of 4 dances in the showcase.   

1. Enrol in Full School Rehearsal using calendar below (This is compulsory for all involved and this list of people involved will receive email correspondence re. the showcase as we go forward)
2. Enrol in up to 4 dances before 23rd September. First in, best dressed! 
3. Purchase appropriate costumes for your dances. The earlier you buy them, the better due to postage delays and product stock, etc. 
4. Attend all individual rehearsals for your dances, the full school rehearsal, the dress rehearsal and keep an eye on your email inbox and the facebook group for updates from your Captains. 
5. Don't forget to have fun! This showcase is going to be bigger and better than ever!