Dance For You (Public Workshop & Performance)

You can catch Bey Dance performing all over the country, in fact all over the world! Please like our Facebook to keep up to date with our performances and appearances.


Public Event

Performances & Workshop

If you are looking for a professional and fun group for public performances in Adelaide or Melbourne, then Bey Dance is ready to help!

Bey Dance is a company dedicated to helping people grow in confidence, strength, self-love and a bit of fitness. We achieve this through fun, powerful, diva-licious dancing – inclusive of all shapes, abilities, ages and genders! It’s not about getting all the steps right and being the best; it’s about making the dance your own, gaining extra fierceness in your stance and putting a smile on your face!


DANCE FOR YOU Bey Dance Performance

$POA / Bey Dance Captain per hour booking* (GST incl.)

Our crew would love to dance for you! We can perform just one fierce number, or put together a mini show up to 20 minutes. Just let us know what you are after!

Our quote will include the performance, costumes, the presentation of our dancers (full hair and make-up), and 1 hour rehearsal for every 1 hour performance booking. Travel costs are included (within 50km of the CBD).

*Please note due to health and safety and employment law, the minimum call time for all of our dancers is 1 hour.


1.5 Hour FLAWLESS Bey Dance Public Workshop


In 1.5 hours, 2 of our ‘Bey Captains’ teach your event attendees how to pose, strut, stand, booty pop, shimmy, and dance like Queen B! We’ll get everyone in the spirit of things by running some techniques, taking some selfies, and then teaching the basic choreography to one of your favourite Beyoncé songs. You can have as many people as you like attending – just let us know if there’s more than 50 people so we can bring some assistants.

Bey Dance is a great way to get you ready to hit the dance floor and always leaves everyone smiling and sweating just a little more than they expected. We’d love to help you get into diva-licious form for your public event - See you on the dance floor!


Book the FLAWLESS workshop, and add a performance at the beginning or end. We can happily quote you for this; just let us know how many dancers you would like to perform (including the two workshop Captains).

Please allow at least an extra 10 minutes for the performance.



If you'd like to book us for a Workshop or have any other questions, send us an email: