Liz Cahalan

Director & Bey Boss

I inadvertently appointed myself the High Priestess of Beyoncé Dancing when I insisted all my friends learn the dance to Single Ladies for my 27th birthday in 2008. Over the years, I became known for my mad Single Ladies skills, and this private love affair with the moves of Beyoncé ended up on stage during Adelaide Fringe, on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Requests flew in from like-minded Beyoncé devotees similarly possessed with the drive to learn the Single Ladies dance. I started teaching classes in Melbourne in 2011. In 2013, my long time friend and dance partner, (and bidniz wonder woman) Lauren Thiel, and I got chatting about the Beyoncé dance phenomenon while we were at the Mrs Carter World Tour looking up at the giant “B” on the stage. It dawned on us that our calling was to create a community dedicated to diva dancing. We were blessed with the power of Bey. The rest is, as they say, history.

I have a long history with dance, having studied classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz ballet from age 4. However, dance and I have spent long periods apart. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome saw me incapacitated for over 10 years. But some passions cannot be suppressed and dance and I found each other again through the unlikely route of casual Bollywood classes while I was studying at La Trobe University. When I’m not dressed in a leotard sassing it up as the whitest Beyonce wannabe you’ve ever seen, you’ll find me in a sari performing with my Bollywood troupe and blowing everyone away with my seemingly authentic understanding of the Hindi language.

My interests have always been community building and social justice. I majored in Women’s Studies and English Literature at La Trobe University and worked for years as an Art Therapist for Dementia sufferers. As well as volunteering with Amnesty International and the Australian Refugee Association, I’ve danced with Indigenous dance companies and ability inclusive companies like Weave Movement Theatre. These diverse interests and areas of study have come together to help create Bey Dance as a safe, inclusive and fun space for all who come our way. Since the birth of my daughter Rose, making Bey Dance accessible to new mums has become a passion.

At the heart of Bey Dance is the belief that everyone can and should feel welcome in a dance class. It is innate for people to move to music. Dance should not be reserved for an elite few. And most importantly, it is empowering to indulge the diva within.  Can’t wait to dance with you soon!