Julie Sayasane

Bey Captain - Adelaide

I started out as a student of Bey Dance in 2016. My prior dance experience was in my high school years, I was involved in a fashion show, dance team and even a street dance crew! My main background is hip hop. I was looking for something to do in Adelaide after moving here from Canada and dancing has always been a passion of mine, so coming across Bey Dance I thought "this is perfect!" Dancing + Beyonce = I'm there.

My first course was 7/11. I loved it! It was just the right amount of sexy, thug, and femininity for me. It gave me a sense of power, confidence, and fierceness I knew was buried within. This is what got me addicted to Bey Dance.

Outside of Bey Dance I work full time at a gourmet restaurant, I'm kind of a foodie. I'm also a Kundalini yoga teacher! Yoga and meditation is the perfect way to balance/offset dance. It keeps me grounded and relaxed.

Teaching with Bey Dance has been so rewarding. I love the joy it brings to all the students who come to class. Bey Dance has done this for me and so much more! As I was born and raised in Canada, being away from friends and family can be hard and very lonely, but Bey Dance is like family now and I love being a part of it! I hope my students get the same fulfilment I do.

Can't wait to see you all in the studio releasing your inner Bey with me!