We have heaps of classes to choose from! There are casual classes as well as courses in which you can learn a Beyonce Dance in detail over several weeks. Have a read and don't forget to email us with any questions :)


Casual Classes.

Bey Party: This is our fun, casual, beginner-friendly dance class. Designed for those who want to try out Bey Dance before joining a course, or who can't commit to a full term, or who just want to dance mirror-free with the most over the top moves that their diva loving bodies can come up with. Arrive early, grab a cocktail, bring a friend, and get your heart pumping on the dance floor for an hour.

Our Mission Statement: There is no judgement here. No mirrors. No snooty dancer divas. We learn moves that are fun, ridiculous, powerful and sexy and we learn them for ourselves. We dance like Beyonce because it feels empowering to do so. Come join the party.

You can find more info here about Bey Party. Thursdays & Fridays 7-8pm. 
THURSDAY @ Yah Yah's, Fitzroy (No booking needed, pay $15 at the door.)
FRIDAY @ Mr Scruff's, Collingwood (Booking recommended. Book here.)

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Bey Yoga: These classes are about learning yoga to inspiring Beyonce and Beyonce-inspired music. Qualified yoga teacher and Bey Captain, Keely, blends authentic yoga practice with Beyonce dance techniques and drills. Bey Yoga will have you improving your core strength, flexibility and mindfulness and will have you floating out the door on a natural high!

Bey Foundations: A casual Bey Dance stretch, flex, drill and technique class designed to improve your dance fitness and skill. 

Beylates: Beyonce-inspired pilates!

Bey Gentle: Designed for people who prefer a gentler pace in their dance class. A casual class where absolutely anyone of any fitness level can come and learn how to dance like Queen B! 

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Beyby Wearing Dance: These casual classes are for mums and dads who want to dance with their beybies. It will be a gentle Beyonce-themed dance class taught by new mum Liz and her beyby, Rose in Brunswick or Bonnie and her beyby Ronny in Adelaide. You will learn some different Beyonce moves each week which can be executed comfortably while soothing bub. Great for returning to fitness while engaging with your little one. 
**Please note carriers need to be designed for use in tummy to tummy or back wearing positions. Slings, front facing and cradle hold are not suitable. Parents take full responsibility for safe wearing of babies adhering to the TICKS guidelines. ( Mums please make sure you have had clearance from their doctor to return to exercise post delivery, and if in doubt, wait out the first 4 months, especially if recovering from a caesarian or a difficult birth.

Bey Family:
Designed for kids aged under 7 years who want to dance with mum or dad. A casual class with a different dance each week. Dances will be about building self-confidence and fitness in parents and kids.  

BEY CHOIR- Join the Facebook Group here
This brand new class is the perfect addition to your diva dancing. After all, Beyonce is a singer as well as an amazing dancer (BISH!). Keeping with the community vibe of Bey Dance, Bey Choir is about singing your heart out with your all inclusive squad, regardless of whether you’re a professionally trained opera singer or an enthusiastic shower singer. No audition, no exclusions, all welcome.



Move Your Body: 5 weeks. A little sweat ain't never hurt no one. This is the perfect beginner course. Fast, aerobic and fun, sure to get your heart rate pumping.

Bootylicious: 6 weeks. Your booty can't help but start popping whenever you hear this song. Give it all the moves it requires to pop in style. Prove your body's too bootylicious for us babe.

Love On Top: 6 weeks. Even the most cynical customer will feel totally loved up and smiling out from ear to ear like a great big goof ball in this class.

Survivor: 6 weeks. Get your camouflage gear and your air punching arm ready! Survivor is a lot of fierce, powerful fun! We get our early naughties RnB and Hip Hop dance moves on! 

Independent Women: 8 weeks. Old school Destiny's Child RnB dance moves! We have been loving Beyoncé's performances of this song at recent concerts so have taken inspiration from there too.

Hold Up: 6 weeks. This new track from Beyonce's Lemonade is so much fun. We have taken inspiration from Beyonce's choreography at live performances of this song. It has a delicious dance hall flavour and we love it! 

Daddy Lessons: 8 weeks. Something different with this country song from B's latest album. Get your boot-scootin' on with a bit of Bey Tap too! Loads of fun. 


Diva (Original Choreography): 6 weeks. Get your fiercest, most badass pout on and be ready to street battle it out as the ultimate female version of a hustla.

Dance for You: 5 weeks. If you thought regular dancing could be sexy, you haven't tried dancing with a chair. Nuff said.

Baby Boy: 8 weeks. Fulfil your fantasy. Belly dance meets Bey with sexy hip sways and the best Bey krump move of all time.

Naughty Girl: 6 weeks. Be a naughty girl with gorgeous sultry hairography and body rolls. You'll love to love this dance.


Blow: 8 weeks. Think Xanadu meets Bob Fosse meets Bubblegum pop and you have Blow. Ensemble dancing at its best.

Crazy in Love: 8 weeks. What more can we say? As if you don't want to know exactly how to strut, pop and thumb lick grind like Queen Bey to this iconic song.

Schoolin Life: 8 weeks. If you're a freak all day and all night, you wanna join this uplifting, smile inducing, disco pop class.

Flawless: 6 weeks. Bow Down Bitches. Our most popular new course. You can't help but feel utterly fierce, flawless and badass with these moves.

Ego: 8 weeks. You should have a big ego dancing to this cheeky, sexy, grindy song. Note. There are props involved. You know you want to walk like this so you can back it up.

Freakum Dress: 8 weeks. Nothing will make you feel as ready to hit the dance floor as your best freakum dress and these fab dance moves.

Diva (New Choreography): 6 weeks. Inspired by Beyonce's Global Citizens Performance of Diva. Get your fiercest, most badass pout on and be ready to street battle it out as the ultimate female version of a hustla.

Upgrade U: 6 weeks. Hip Hop and contemporary RnB choreography that will make you feel as boss as Bey is in this film clip! 

Don't Hurt Yourself: 6 weeks. This dance is perfect for getting the pent up frustrations of the week out. Possibly one of the angriest Bey songs to date. Don’t Hurt Yourself is more like therapy once you’re done cathartically kicking and punching your way through the course.


Yonce: 5 weeks. All on his mouth like liquor. Partner dancing, twerking, floor work and a whole lot of 'tude. It won't take long to work out why Yoncé is one of our most booked out classes.

Deja Vu: 8 weeks. Hairography, mad fast African dance inspired moves, Jay and Bey together. Classic.

Video Phone: 8 weeks. You'll want to be filmed on your video phone once you've nailed all the moves to this super sexy, fierce chair dance.

End of Time: 8 weeks. Always listed as a favourite for long time Bey Dance Students, this is undoubtedly our most upliftingly joyous dance. You'll love it till the end of time.

Grown Woman: 8 weeks. I can do whatever I want. African rhythms and moves combine with female empowerment pop and a whole lot of hip wiggles. Also you will have really strong thighs once you've done this dance. Trust us.

Sweet Dreams: 8 weeks. Sassy, fierce, feminine at its finest. This much anticipated course includes a bit of Michael Jackson, and flits between ultra-feminine and super sharp and aggressive. The crumping to "My guilty pleasures they ain't goin' nowhere" is so addictive! 

Lose My Breath: 6 weeks. Bad-ass, old-school Destiny's Child moves with inspiration taken from Michael Jackson and Beyoncé's 2016 Superbowl performance.

7/11: 8 weeks. Inspired by Beyonce's Global Citizen live performance that blew everyone away with its unique and new choreography and epic group formations. A bit cheeky, a bit hip-hop, and a lot of fun.

Ring the Alarm: 8 weeks. Hell hath no fury like Beyoncé scorned. This course is hip hop inspired and it is fierce and furious.


Single Ladies: 8 weeks. This is where it all began for us at Bey Dance. Our original and most popular course. You will learn every single step. Then you will amaze the whole dance floor the next time the dj drops "if you like it then you should have put a ring on it".

Run the World: 8 weeks. We all know who run the world. Bey. Our hardest course and also the most satisfying to learn. You'll feel like you too can run the world with these moves.

Get Me Bodied: 10 weeks. One word. Epic. This 6 minute dance includes every move under the sun. Bob Fosse's Sweet Charity was the inspiration. So get that gogo dance pony tail swishing and MOVE! Please note this is also the advanced version of Move your Body.

Countdown: 8 weeks. Included some contemporary dance and with moves inspired by the dance-tastic film clip, this one is addictive, retro and fun!

Sorry (Justin Bieber): 8 weeks. This film clip went viral with Paris Goebel's fierce polyswagg moves. We had to deviate from Queen B to learn to dance like Queen P, its just too good!

Lemonade Medley: 8 weeks. Inspired by the Formation World Tour, this course has a bit of the most danceable tracks from the Lemonade album. 

Sorry (Beyonce): 8 weeks. Inspired by the Formation World Tour choreography, this course will have you putting them middle fingers up and saying 'boy bye'. 

Telephone (Gaga & Bey): 8 weeks. Shoulda left my phone at home cos this is a disaster... Who could forget this amazing collab between Bey and Gaga. The most amazing, freaky, weird-ass jazz and vogue moves with killer costumes! 

Vogue (Madonna): This dance explores the art of vogue from Old Way, to Madonna's influence, to Vogue Femme. You will learn basic vogue technique, about vogue history and an awesome choreography to a remix of Madonna's Vogue as performed at Melbourne Fringe's Madonna night in 2016. 

Specialty Courses:

Commercial/Hip Hop With Rhys: Learn hip hop/dancehall/commerical style chorey to different popular songs. Rhys' classes are known for their fierce power and fast pace! We recommend trying a few other hip hop-inspired Bey Dance classes before trying these! Info on specific songs/dances in Enrol Now and in our Facebook Events. 

Beylesque: Come learn the sultry stylings of burlesque applied to Beyonce's sexiest songs. More info in Enrol Now

Bollywood: Beginner-Friendly, ongoing 8 week courses. Bollywood dancing is a fusion style originating from India. Blending classical Indian dance styles with modern influences, like hip hop, salsa, street dance and pop, Bollywood is one of the most smile inducing dance forms around. This beginner course introduces students to the key moves and influences on Bollywood dancing with all its fun, uplifting and high energy joyousness. 

Beyllet: In ballet, we learn some basic ballet technique with a Beyoncé edge. Ballet is an amazing dance form that will do wonders for your fitness and is loads of fun too!

Bey Broadway: Inspired by vintage broadway dance styles! A little jazz hand here and a Charleston there, you'll love this fun class! 

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