Who we are



Taking a defiant power stance, we smirk at the lie we've all been told our whole lives: grown ups need to be sensible, calm, and not stand out. Bey Dancers celebrate themselves, their bodies, their achievements and push themselves outside of comfort zones to be the Beyonce they always dreamed they could be. Banish your inner wallflower, wear all the glitter, put on your stilettos and booty pop like everyone is watching. Welcome to Bey Dance.

When we look at Beyonce, we see a woman in control of herself, her career, her life and her destiny. She tells us "you are powerful, you deserve to be proud, you can get to where you want to be. Believe in yourself. Make the world better." Beyonce knows that success is worthless if we aren't also bringing those around us up with us. Which is why Bey Dance is more than just your local Beyoncé- obsessed cult, and more than a dance school. We are a Beyoncé-lovin' dance cultmunity.

All of you are welcome here. From the never-danced-before student to the long term dancer wanting a break from the rigidity of classical styles.

Our classes are inclusive and judgement-free spaces. We strive to be diverse, queer-friendly, body-positive, and anti-ageist.

We believe that anyone can learn how to dance like Queen B.

We want you leave your Bey Dance class feeling empowered, confident and fabulous.

We focus on learning choreography to our favourite iconic dances, from Love on Top to Single Ladies to Run the World and everything in between.

While our Queen is Beyoncé, we occasionally branch out to dancing to other artists and styles, we are sure with her blessing. And as well as dancing to popular, commercial routines, we have lessons in conditioning, core strength, yoga, Bollywood, tap, Vogue, beylesque (burlesque) and Beyllet (ballet), with the list ever expanding. The goal is to always make it fun, so you don’t even notice the workout.

So...will you come dance with us?