DANCE COURSES: Dance Courses (varying in length from 4 weeks to 10 weeks depending on the dance) : cost = $20 x no. of weeks. Please enrol yourself in week one, and make payment in full, and we will take care of the rest.

For a full list of the dances that we have taught and or for more info on the dances below, please click here.


[@ACPA, 37 Walsh St, Thebarton]

CRAZY IN LOVE - (SOLD OUT) EXTENDED BEGINNER FRIENDLY VERSION - Mondays, 7:15pm - 10 week course from 19th June, BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE with Erin


HOLD UP - (SOLD OUT) Tuesdays, 7:30pm - 6 week course from 6th June, BEGINNER with Julie


TELEPHONE (Beyonce & Gaga)   - Wednesdays, 7:30pm - 8 week course from June 14th,  ADVANCED with Abby


SURVIVOR -  Tuesdays, 8:30pm - 6 week course from 27th June, BEGINNER with Abby


 RING THE ALARM    - Wednesdays, 8:30pm - 8 week course from July 12th,  INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED with Erin


 FEELIN  MYSELF    - Tuesdays, 7:30pm* - 6 week course from August 8th,  INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED with Julie.

*Last class is a double 7:30pm - 9:30pm on 29th August* 


 SCHOOLIN LIFE    - Mondays 8:30pm** - 8 week course from August 14th, **No class on Sept 18th - intensive course with Liz is available that week or on Labour Day long weekend public holiday on October 2nd* * -  INTERMEDIATE with Julie



This class is for all of you who are curious to try Bey Dance before committing to a course! We will go through our basic class structure: Beyonce-Inspired warm ups, dance technique and a little bit of choreography to a classic Bey Dance!  

Monday 26th June 8:30-9:20pm @ ACPA Thebarton



Wednesday 28th June, 8:30-9:20pm @ ACPA Thebarton 



Join our Bey Family Group for Beyby wearing events here:

BEY YOGA- Mondays 8:30pm- Our Beyonce-themed yoga class. Weekly classes except on double dance nights. 6 week package - $15 prebooked or $20 casual


BEY PARTY - Stay tuned for the Great Rhino Migration 

Got a question? Check out our FAQ page, or contact us.


Refresher options are only for students who have completed the FULL course in a previous year and would like to do last two classes for changes in chorey and to refresh themselves. Enrolments will be checked by management team. 

Love On Top - ACPA, Thebarton, Last two classes - April 12th and 19th at 7pm


Bootylicious, ACPA Thebarton, May 2nd, 7:30  - 9:30pm , choose 1 class from weeks 1 - 4 as well


Flawless, ACPA Thebarton, May 1st, 7:15  - 9:15pm , choose 1 class from weeks 1 - 4 and last two finishing on the 1st May



Want to see Bey Dance on stage? Support us at our showcases


Fresher Than You - Annual Adelaide Student Showcase

The Bey Dance Adelaide Student Showcase is a night of divalicious fun! For one night a year EVERY student gets the chance to channel their Bey ON STAGE!
Saturday May 27th at Nexus Arts, 7pm

$20 Early Bee price - first 50 tickets until April 14
$25 General Admission
Places are limited so book soon

Our showcases are above all about having FUN. They are a chance to embrace the inner diva, whether you consider yourself to be a true "dancer" or not. The spirit of the occasion stays true to the school's ethos. We are not high falluting professional dancers. We are an enthusiastic lot of Bey devotees wanting to get our groove on and celebrate our hard work.

It will be fun, friendly and filled with love for Queen Bey (AND YOU) Come and support our Adelaide Bey Dancers. Buy Tickets Here


Do you know someone who needs Bey Dance in their life? Get them a voucher!

$15 gift voucher - for Bey Party class
$20 gift voucher - for one class (of a course)
$80 gift voucher - for a 4 week course (or to be applied to a longer course)
$100 gift voucher - for a 5 week course (or to be applied to a longer course)
$120 gift voucher - for a 6 weeks course (or to be applied to a longer course)
$160 gift voucher - for an 8 week course (or to be applied to a longer course)


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