Bey Blog-letter

By Liz Cahalan

Hello Bey lovers!
We've been planning a Newsletter for ages. But in the modern age, what really IS a newsletter, other than a Blog post on our fancy website? So here you go. Updating you with the latest happenings at Bey Dance is this Blog-letter.


A word from our BOSS

(Liz with an ego complex, not Beyoncé)

Baby it's cold outside...

First off, it's been cold. It's been flipping freezing! So we want to say THANK YOU for being brave and leaving the house in the evenings to warm up with us in the studio and stay fit and endorphin loaded through the last few bleak months. It's no mean feat and we realise that. Some days us teachers just want to curl up by the fire too, so we love all of you for keeping our energy high with us just when it's cruelly the hardest but the most beneficial to keep moving. 

Over winter, class numbers do drop off. This is totally understandable and anticipated. You may have been unlucky enough to enrol in a course that we had to cancel because of low attendance. We are so sorry if we disappointed you, cancelling courses is always a yucky feeling, because we hate letting people down. We are making sure to schedule cancelled courses now that it’s spring and everyone’s coming out of hibernation. We hope that in the meantime you've found something to keep your Bey itch satisfied. And you can rest with smug ease that when everyone comes out of the woodwork this spring ready to get fit for summer, you already had a head start with your workout, and our undying love for sticking with us through thick and thin (read "frosty nights").

But it hasn’t all been winter gloom! There’s so much happening. From new Captains joining the team, new styles and courses added to the repertoire, to performances, gigs, planning for Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth Fringe, our end of year Melbourne Showcase, planning Adelaide and Perth showcases…so much busy! So much to update you on!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Bey Dance news. Here's the important bit!

New classes in Adelaide

Belly Dancing Academy

Diva: starting September 14 with Erin

Single Ladies: starting September 16 with Abby

All classes available for enrolments NOW on our website.

New classes in Melbourne

Kal Studios

End of Time: Starting September 8 with Rhys

Naughty Girl: Starting September 14 with Danni

Beylesque, Crazy in Love: starting October 1 with Liz

The Space

Love On Top: Starting September 15 with Gemma

Dance Factory

Dance for You: Starting September 21 with Gen

All classes available for enrolments NOW on our website.

New classes in Perth

Please don't think we've forgotten you Perth! Our beloved Captain Mel is away overseas. We'll line up classes as soon as we hear word of her return.


Scan through the following newsletter for your city of interest and skip the rest if you like. We know how ubiquitous Melbourne is. So don't bore yourselves Perth and Adelaideans ;)


Bey Courses

Bey Party

Special Event Courses

Captains Updates: Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne


What’s On In Your State: Showcase, classes, gigs, special events


Bey Courses

We continue to add and try new classes on a regular basis in Melbourne, and send our tried and true ones interstate. So you know you're always getting the best numbers to learn. Our most recently added Melbourne classes are Blow, Video Phone, Freakum Dress, Get Me Bodied and Deja Vu. We will offer them in Adelaide and Perth shortly soon as well. These are all what we call "classic Bey Dance" items. In these courses, we aim to channel Beyoncé's unique way of moving while teaching you choreography which stays true to the style you'll see in her music videos. These classes combine elements of Beyoncé's iconic choreography, with our own moves, designed to fit seamlessly into the style. We want these classes to satisfy the urge we've all had at some point when watching a music video to "know the dance". We love it when you take these recognisable moves to the dance floor on our social nights out and wow the room!

 Bey Party

For those not wanting to commit to a full course, we have been running Bey Party for the past year in Melbourne. This casual, drop in beginner class teaches you a simplified version of our courses, so that you can learn them in an hour and get a good sweaty workout without having to return week in and week out. We run the class in a bar (The LuWOW in Melbourne) so that you really feel like you're just out for a night dancing, and not facing the intimidating for some prospect of a mirrored dance studio. We are really hoping to add these classes soon interstate, and are already negotiating with a beloved Adelaide venue to start there soon. Classes are a steal at only $15, so we hope this class meets the needs of time poor folks struggling to schedule regular classes, but also cash poor students wanting to dance on a budget.

Currently, Bey Party is run in Melbourne by Captains Keely and Danni with Gen and Liz subbing in as needed. These teachers are highly skilled in making you feel like you’re just partying in your lounge room, so you don’t even notice the workout. They often provide dress ups for the occasion, and invite you guys to come dressed in theme also.

We want to give other states the chance to join the party also, and are hoping to run a special Christmas themed Bey Party at a popular Adelaide venue in December with Bey Party creator, Keely. As soon as we have more details to share, you’ll hear about it!


Special Event Courses

As well as these classic courses, we also are trialing some brand new Bey affiliated classes. These are dance styles which are not necessarily recogniseably Bey, but set to her songs. Or sometimes not at all…As much as we love our queen, sometimes it’s fun to try something completely new too. 

In Adelaide, Dance Captain Chloe Thompson has shared her knowledge of Contemporary Dance with her students, teaching beautiful routines to Beyoncé ballads like Smash Into You and Halo. We’re hoping to have her visit Melbourne to teach these dances soon too.

In Melbourne, students have got super sexy learning burlesque routines to Bey's sultrier numbers with the Burlesque bombshell, Lyra la Belle in our Beylesque classes. In October, we’re running a new course with a very pregnant Liz to the 50 Shades of Grey version of Crazy in Love. Let’s see how that goes! We hope to bring these classes to Adelaide soon too.


Dance Captain Rhys has had students pushed to the limit in his fierce Commercial Hip Hop choreography. Students have learned Feeling Myself, 7/11 and Azaelia Banks’ 212 and impressed us all. We’ll have a few more classes with Rhys before the year is out, so plenty of time to get get on fleek!

In October, newly returned from 5 months yoga study, Dance Captain Keely, will start Bey Yoga classes in Melbourne to get you all flexy for summer. These classes will be set to Beyoncé and Solange tunes, so you can still sing along to your favourite tunes while stretching.


And are very excited to have Parent and Beyby and children's classes in the works between Chloe in Adelaide, who has a degree in early childhood education, and Liz in Melbourne, who is going to know first hand all about little ones very soon with the arrival of her own. These classes will be a chance to get parents dancing to grown up (child appropriate) tracks, with their small humans, to give them a break from The Wiggles. Here's some youtube inspiration

So all in all, we hope that we have something to offer everyone, and that we are managing to keep things interesting for you all.



Image by Chayla Taylor Photography

Our newest city addition to Bey Dance, I was so happy to get to meet many of you in Perth when I came over in Feb to teach our Fringe Flashmob classes. I still feel dizzy at the memory of those 40C days in a tent with all of you bringing your full joy and energy! You were such an incredible and enthusiastic bunch, it was immediately apparent that once a year visits would not suffice. Luckily, I had my wonderful friend, Mel Naumoff, ready and willing to teach Bey Dance all year round in Perth and it's been wonderful to have such a shining woman join our team and keep Beyoncé alive and active in your dance schedule.

Mel and I first met many years ago when we were introduced to each other by WA comedian Dave Callan. I had been performing Single Ladies in his show that year, and we needed another dancer for the Perth comedy festival. Mel and I hit it off instantly, and despite only having a day to rehearse together and actually performing together a handful of times, we knew we'd found a kindred spirit. Mel has come to dance late in life for a dancer (i.e., as an adult, not having learned as a child), but when you see her move you know that dance has always lived within her, she absolutely lights up when she dances. This is much like Melbourne Captain, Keely Windred, who took her first dance class with me in 2010, but to see her now you would believe she's been dancing her whole life. I only mention this because I know for many Bey Dance students, coming to dance for the first time, there can be a feeling of "I'll never be a real dancer". "Real" dance isn't about how long you've studied technique. It's about a passion and dedication at any age that fills your whole being.

Perth got started with Bootylicious a few months ago and it looks like you had a ball, followed by Love on Top. Mel has had to go away for a couple of months, but we hope to have classes on offer again once she’s back.



I had the most wonderful weekend recently training with our new recruit Adelaide teachers. The busy super woman, Bey Boss Lauren Thiel, has run Adelaide for the past 18 months, with Captain Chloe Thomson as second in command for the past year. With the crazy demands of full time work and study on top of keeping you hungry students sated with for more Bey classes, it was clear more help was needed. 

Image by Vicki Kelman Photography

Two dedicated students stood out when Lauren and I were contemplating whom to add to our Dance Captain team. I first met Erin O'Donohue in what seems like another life time, when we bonded over a daggy love for dancing to Beatles cover bands in our wayward (read "goody two shoes!”) youths. To my delight, Erin and her sister Tara popped up at 2014's first ever Fringe Flashmob class and they both eagerly threw themselves into Bey Dance from that moment on. Erin epitomises the Bey Dance spirit. Coming from a self-belief that she wasn't a dancer, it has been incredible to see Erin grow in confidence and skill over her time with Bey Dance. Erin will be taking charge of beginner classes and will become the party host for Bey Party when we launch in Adelaide in the coming months. We hope that you will be inspired by Erin's experience as a beginner dancer, and that fellow beginners will gain confidence through her leadership.


Abby Richardson was another keen student rocking out those early Rundle Mall flash mobs in 2014. With a background in cheerleading and dance, Abby picked up the Bey moves like a pro and has learned almost every dance Adelaide has had on offer ever since. Abby's sweet and thoughtful nature makes her an excellent Bey Dance representative, where we want, more than anything, for everyone to feel welcome. Abby has just completed teaching her first course, Crazy in Love, and will start teaching Single Ladies this month.



The Melbourne team has grown phenomenally since our beginnings. Beyond our original team of Keely, Gen, Gemma and Rhys, this year we’ve seen Danni Ray, Laura Frew and Stacey Hynes join the team. 


Image by Theresa Harrison Photography

Danni is a life long dancer, with training in a variety of different styles. But her true calling is her mad booty popping and twerking skills. She twerks circles around the rest of us! Danni’s kind and enthusiastic nature made her an obvious Captain candidate when we needed to expand our team. Danni is in charge of Monday night Brunswick classes and Friday night Bey Party classes. She’s recently added a new class to the repertoire, teaching the oh so popular Déjà vu.

Laura and I met at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. It was immediately apparent that she was a keen, trained dancer, who picked up choreography at lightning speed. Laura ended up stepping in to perform with me at major Fringe events, like Hot Dub Time Machine, and back in Melbourne, she was perfectly suited to join the Bey team. Laura is currently away performing in this year’s Edinburgh festival, but you’ll see her hilarious self back in classes in the coming months.


Image by Bri Hammond Photography


Stacey joined Bey Dance classes earlier this year and her eagerness to join the Bey team was impossible to overlook. Coming with a life time of dance training and an open, enthusiastic heart, Stacey hails from Perth originally and is on a path to pursue her dance dreams in Melbourne. Stacey is currently our head Hen’s Party and Private Class teacher, but she will hopefully be taking on classes in the coming months in Bunbury, and Beylesque classes in the Melbourne CBD.


Back to where it all started, we’ve been madly getting our Fringe registrations finalized so that we can get you all flashmobbing again.

 Melbourne Fringe, we’ll be running some special Flawless with Bey Dance flashmob classes on September 19 and October 3 from 2-3:30pm in Footscray. Tickets can be purchased here.

Liz will also be performing in the incredible Seen and Heard, by Becky Lou, at the Melbourne Fringe. This show is a story telling performance, and Liz will be sharing a very Beyoncé related tale, complete with a dance performance from the captains. Would love to see you there.

Perth Fringe World: we have our registration application in and will have news of venue and dates shortly so we can get you sweating in a tent once more! Melbourne Dance Captain Keely will be heading over to get you partying, with all new routines. Can’t wait!

Adelaide Fringe: we’re eagerly awaiting news of our venue for Adelaide Fringe for our Saturday and Sunday flashmob classes throughout Feb and March. We’ll be sending over different Melbourne captains to share their skills with you all, so you’ll get a different class each time. It’s going to be wonderful.

What’s on in YOUR state: 


Melbourne, you have been keeping my hands FULL! Melbourne, where Bey Dance began, has the largest number of teachers, students and classes available. We are now teaching 5 days a week and taking on a huge number of private classes and hens parties. Our Captains, Keely, Gemma, Danni, Rhys, Gen, Laura and Stacey have been godsends with their energy and dedication, keeping Bey Dance running and energising students, a smile on their faces the whole time. The love I have for this team knows no bounds. I really feel lucky to have such incredible people who I get to work with every day.

It has been a busy year for me personally, as I continue to work away getting our Victoria St dance studio completed while cooking a miniature human inside my belly. Some of you may know that the past few months have taken a huge physical toll, and I was devastated to have to step back from teaching in early August to protect my health. Thankfully, with such a strong team of incredible Dance Captains, my absence from teaching has affected me far worse than any of you! I miss you all but am glad that you can more than adequately get your Bey fix with all of our Dance Captains. And besides, I'm not got rid of that easily. I'll be teaching a new course in October, as well as overseeing our Showcase rehearsals.


You may remember we had a huge funding push to get our Victoria St studio up and running at the end of last year. Well, it has not been forgotten! Instead so much work has been happening away in the background all year. We are anticipating a late October studio opening, all going well! And Brunswick classes will move to the new location in January. If you want to read more about the project you can do so here.



Image by Theresa Harrison Photography

So many of you brought your own personal sunshine to recent performances in Melbourne, and we hope it’s whetted the appetite for our end of year showcase.

You blew everyone away with your wonderful work at Better Block Brunswick, getting the City of Moreland dancing in the streets. They loved us so much it’s likely we’ll be back for a summer season too!


Image by Bri Hammond Photography

A week later, you showed the true meaning of “The Show Must Go On” when you danced in the rain for the Docklands Winter Light festival. Such pros! You can find photos from these recent events in our Gallery, and extensively on our Facebook page.

On Friday September 4 it was that magical day, which is like Christmas for Bey devotees: Beyoncé’s birthday. The Dance Captains all put in an epic performance at Swagger, showing off some Bey Dance favourites in the wee small hours of the night. It was wonderful to have so many students come along for a dance with us!

Now to the big project. Our...



Image by Marlon Caracena Photography

On October 30 we’ll be filling up the Union Theatre at Melbourne University with the power of Bey for our annual showcase.

Already 70 students have signed up to perform. If you have missed a post or email about the showcase, you can fill out our survey and receive information on showcase rehearsals, costumes and requirements.

This is going to be a logistically HUGE production, and going to require quite a time commitment, so go easy on yourself and choose only your absolute favourite and most flawless dances to save yourself too much extra rehearsal time. There is also a costume fee for some items, which you will  be alerted about via email once you've filled out the survey. You are not expected to stretch yourself beyond your budget so feel free to rethink your choices if you would rather save your cash dollars.

Tickets became available TODAY! In the past, our showcase has sold out fast and we've had disappointed family members desperately trying to squeeze in. Don't be disappointed! Book now! And we can't wait to party out the year with you on October 30th!


It's been a quieter year for the Adelaide Bey Dance community. With your tireless leader Lauren starting her internship at a high profile Accounting firm and your second in command Captain Chloe undertaking her final year of uni studies, it's been a big job keeping the Bey Dance events and performances coming in! However, as mentioned earlier, the Adelaide team has now expanded to include Abby and Erin, and the Melbourne team have been working hard with Adelaide to make sure we keep the fun coming your way.

Later this year, Melbourne Dance Captain Keely will visit Adelaide to launch our popular Bey Party classes for a special end of year Christmas event. Date is to be confirmed, but rest assured, the party will continue after the class has ended and this will be a night of partying for all the Adelaide students! We can't wait to see you all and have everyone together. Details will come through shortly.

We are also looking at a skill swap between our Adelaide and Melbourne teachers. We're planning to have our Melbourne Captain Rhys Patea head to Adelaide to run a few special Commercial Hip Hop classes. These classes have been hugely popular in Melbourne and we can't wait to let Adelaide in on the action.

Bey Party will also, we hope, whet your appetite for the mad Fringe schedule we have planned for you. Regular classes will take a hiatus during Fringe, as we focus on bringing our all to you with the flashmob classes. We can't give you more details till all is confirmed, but these classes will happen every Saturday and Sunday during Fringe with different dances being learned each time. Melbourne captains will be flying over for each weekend so you will get a taste of a range of Bey styles and teachers and really get a chance to learn and grow while having a tonne of fun.

During Fringe we have one more very exciting plan in the works...


Yep. We're planning your annual student showcase to fall smack bang in the middle of Fringe. As mentioned, regular classes will be on hiatus during Fringe, but you'll certainly be busy as showcase rehearsals will take their place. We are yet to confirm the venue and date for this event, but it will be a part of the Adelaide Fringe official guide so friends and family will need to book quick when tickets go on sale to beat the general public! 

We're hoping that with all this and more in the plans for the coming months, 2016 will be a mega year for the Adelaide Bey Dance community. Can't wait to kick it off with you sooner than can be believed!


We know we know, things have gone awfully quiet in Perth, but we have not deserted you! Once your gorgeous Captain Mel returns we will make a better plan for student showcases and classes for 2016, as well as kicking off the year with some fabulous Fringe World times. Hang in there! We will get you partying like Beyonce again in no time.

Well that's all for us!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. We hope it gives you a better idea of what's been going on with the school and what's in the plans for the coming months.

We love all of our students and you bring us more joy and dance magic than you could possibly believe. Running these classes is a two way street, and we hope we are making you guys just as happy as us as we dance like Beyoncé together.

Liz xx